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Nordex is bringing blade production for one of their top wind turbines in-house. After the completion of intensive testing, the company is beginning the internal production of rotor blades (NR 45) for its N90 2.3MW turbine. Nordex has developed a new blade design, where the load-bearing structure is separate from the aerodynamic cover to optimise the blade properties. This differential construction method is also used in the aircraft industry. The main advantage is the low weight of the blade, something that has a positive effect on operating loads and thus the availability of the system as a whole. The vacuum injection method tested with smaller components over the past two years is now being used for all components of the NR 45. This method involves placing the glass fibre in a vacuum so that the structures can absorb the resin. In addition, Nordex is employing a new coating method that has proved to be highly weather-resistant in practice. For this purpose, only polyurethane is used as a basis.
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