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In the first six months of the current year, the Nordex Group achieved a 23.4 per cent increase in sales to € 815.4 million (H1/2013: € 660.6 million).

With the EMEA business remaining stable at a high level, growth was materially driven by the Group’s successes in new markets in Latin America and Asia. Sales in the Americas in particular rose at a high three-digit rate. Globally, new installed capacity climbed by around 19 per cent to 667.3MW (H1/2013: 560.8MW). At the same time, Nordex more than doubled the number of rotor blades produced at its own plant. Consolidated operating earnings rose by 147 per cent to € 37.1 million (H1/2013: € 15.0 million), equivalent to an EBIT margin of 4.5% (H1/2013: 2.2%). Consolidated net profit rose to € 16.5 million (H1/2013: € 1.3 million). The forward order book continued to improve, with order intake in the first half of the year coming to € 908.9 million (H1/2013: € 839.4 million). The Management Board reaffirms its last forecast and continues to assume that full-year sales will grow to € 1.5 - 1.6 billion in 2014,  accompanied by an EBIT margin of 4.0 - 5.0% and order intake of up to € 1.7 billion.

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