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According to preliminary figures, the Nordex Group increased its sales by some 21 per cent in 2014 to € 1,734.5 million (2013: € 1,429.3). With a margin of 4.5 per cent, EBIT matched the company’s expectations, rising by 76 per cent to € 78.0 million (2013: € 44.3 million).

Consolidated net profit increased almost four-fold to € 39.0 million (2013: € 10.3 million). The growth was materially underpinned by strong performance in the company’s core EMEA region (Europe and Africa) as well as in the Americas. Thus, at 84 per cent, EMEA again contributed the bulk of Nordex’s sales, while business in the Americas grew at an above-average rate to € 200.7 million (2013: € 81.7 million). In Asia, sales improved by almost 75 per cent from a low level to € 72.2 million (2013: € 41.3 million). Production output was also up, with expanded capacity allowing rotor blade production to rise by more than 55 per cent to 507 units. At the same time, turbine assembly output increased to 1,417MW (2013: 1,342MW). Nordex will release its final annual financial statements as well as guidance for the current year on 23 March 2015.

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