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According to its preliminary financial statements for fiscal 2006, the Nordex Group has increased its revenues by 66 per cent to € 514 million (previous year: € 309 million).

Total revenues rose by as much as 73 per cent to € 552 million (previous year: € 319 million). Order receipts in fiscal 2006 doubled to € 767 million (previous year: € 395 million). This performance was influenced primarily by the strong demand from abroad. The proportion accounted for by foreign revenues rose from 62 to 86 per cent. Operating profit (EBIT) improved considerably to € 16.6 million (previous year: € - 5.3 million). This year Nordex plans to increase revenues by around 50 per cent to more than € 750 million. At the same time the operating result (EBIT) is due to treble to around € 50 million. This year Nordex intends to increase its German production capacity to around 1,000MW full-year capacity in order to be able to realise one billion euros in revenues and a further increase in earnings in fiscal 2008.
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