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Nordex AG has been awarded a contract for the construction of a wind farm from East Asia.

It will be building a total of nine units of the model N90/2500 in 2007 in conjunction with a local business partner. The contract for the delivery of turbines and rotor blades has a value of around € 14 million. The business partner of Nordex will be supplying the towers, foundations and also servicing the wind farm. On account of the rough weather conditions, Nordex will be fitting the turbines out with special lightning conductors: Each rotor blade will have an aluminum tip as well as other receptors spread over the blade. A further technical feature is the fact that Nordex will be producing a 60 Hz version of the N90 turbines for the first time in view of the grid frequency required in this region. This frequency is only used in parts of Japan, Taiwan, Korea and the United States.
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