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Nordex AG has recorded a significant growth in new business for the second quarter in succession in this financial year. In the third quarter of 2005 order receipts doubled on the basis of strict internal criteria to € 122.4 million (previous year: € 61.2 million). Overall, order receipts increased by some 60% to € 279.9 million in the first nine months of the year (previous year: € 174.7 million), putting them above projections.

Around 83% of orders in the third quarter came from abroad. These include eight wind farm projects worth € 94 million from France alone. The company received further orders from Portugal and China. Overall, in the third quarter customers ordered 60 wind turbines with an installed output of around 122MW from Nordex. As at 30 September 2005, the order backlog rose by 88% to around € 261 million (previous year: € 139 million), foreign orders accounting for some 80% of these projects, with France (€ 126 million) as the principal focus. Due to the strong demand, Nordex is raising its projections for order intake in fiscal 2005 from € 300 million to more than € 350 million (previous year: € 237 million). The company continues to forecast annual revenues of some € 280 million (previous year: € 214 million).
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