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A new service by UK environmental engineers Metoc plc identifies specific risks to marine cable installation and commissioning during offshore wind projects.

Site conditions, seasonality of operations and supply chain availability can all impact on the project, causing unexpected delays and costs - particularly in relation to third-party contract tenders and loss of cable protection arising from poor installation. Early assessment of risk during the project is essential, Metoc advises, to ensure that route engineering and consent applications are undertaken within an integrated programme of activity.   This requires a detailed understanding of the dynamics and impact of marine and coastal conditions on the proposed cables – and also how they in turn will affect the local environment.

Metoc is organising ‘risk workshops’ for project managers, engineers, contractors and others engaged in offshore renewables projects.  Each event employs an audit protocol to review specific risks at each of the key project phases:-
o        Consenting
o        Progressing from consents to major contracts
o        Major contract execution
o        Operations and maintenance
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