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Jan Blittersdorf, former vice-president and chief financial officer for NRG Systems (USA), has been named president and chief executive officer of the company. As president/CEO, Jan concentrates on overall company management and strategy development, helping to determine NRG’s role in the global wind energy Imageindustry. David Blittersdorf, founder and former president of NRG Systems, will concentrate on product engineering and design as director of engineering. Jan officially joined NRG Systems in 1987, focusing on the operational and financial side of the business. As the company grew, Jan took over the human resources function of NRG. She developed a hiring process that matches prospective employees with NRG’s corporate culture. She also designed an employee benefits programme and incentive programme that includes a monthly cash profit sharing plan, paid sabbatical leave and other perks. Her emphasis on financial integrity and workplace quality has been rewarded by a loyal, highly motivated 45-person team, which is expected to more than double in five years.
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