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Carsten Petersdorff (36) has been appointed Managing Director of Ecofys Germany.

In his new position Petersdorff will be responsible for managing the strategy and operations of Ecofys Germany in renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate change. He will also continue to manage the unit “Energy in the built environment”. Carsten Petersdorff succeeds Frank Wouters, Managing Director of Econcern Germany. Frank Wouters – in his new role as Director of Business Development – will fully concentrate on new business for Econcern. Petersdorff studied physics, specialising in renewable energy and energy efficiency in the built environment at RWTH in Aachen, Germany. He started his career at Ecofys in Cologne in 1998, with the assignment to build up a new business unit focusing on energy in the built environment. As a consultant at Ecofys he has been responsible for several innovative projects, including the solar residential estate Cologne-Bocklemünd, which was awarded the “Sternstadtpreis” in the category “ecological city”. Petersdorff has also evaluated the solar residential estate Gelsenkirchen-Bismarck and researched several Eurima Reports, which are likely to have an influence on current proposals to amend the European Directive on the Energy Performances of Buildings (EPBD).
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