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Testinglab Denmark ApS has announced the construction of a test facility for full-scale lightning tests. The laboratory will facilitate testing of large, full-scale components against the damaging effects of lightning and other phenomena related to high voltage and high impulse current. The test centre will be one of the world’s biggest commercially driven lightning test laboratories, not only in terms of impulse current and voltage levels but also in physical size. The test bay will be 73m long, 28m wide and 14m+ high in order to accommodate large full-scale test objects like wind turbine blades and nacelles. Roads and access areas are prepared to handle wind turbine blades up to 70m in length and other components up to a height and width of 8x8m. The test equipment can deliver impulse currents up to 250,000 ampere and impulse voltages higher than 2,000,000 volts. All test equipment is also constructed to be mobile for testing outside the facility – on outdoor test fields – or eventually at the customer premises if transportation of the test samples is inconvenient. Testinglab Denmark ApS is an affiliated company of the companies ApS and Electricon A/S.
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