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Owens Corning, a supplier of fiber reinforcement materials to the wind energy market, has launched a new Web log for designers, engineers and other technical professionals who work with composite materials in wind energy.

The blog will be written by a team of six Owens Corning executives and engineers who are engaged in leading composite and wind energy projects around the world. The six are Agusti Porta from Spain, Luc Peters and Georg Adolphs from Belgium, Tom DeMint and Wisdom Dzotsi from the USA, and Edouard Zurstrassen from Brazil. The team expects to add a seventh member soon to represent Asia. The blog’s objective is to provide a forum for exchanging information and ideas among the technical people who are making possible the wind energy market’s rapid growth. The authors expect to share information and learn from readers with the ultimate goal of advancing wind energy by helping it become more cost competitive and widely used.
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