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Moventas Gears Oy, owned by the industrial group Clyde Blowers, has completed the corporate restructuring programme that it entered in 2011.

In connection with finalising the restructuring programme, the company’s restructuring debt has been paid, and the Santasalo business has been established as its own company. The two businesses have operated as separate entities for almost a year. The Moventas business now continues as its own company and will purely focus on the wind industry. The division has no personnel impacts, and Moventas’ ownership will remain the same. This arrangement also has no operative impacts to e.g. facilities. Moventas’ main factories are located in Jyväskylä, Finland and it runs service entities in Finland, Germany, UK, Spain, Italy, Canada, Australia and several locations in USA. Moventas currently employs 450 people globally, 328 of which in Finland.

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