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Mita Teknik new CEO Klaus KnudsenMita-Teknik’s new CEO Klaus Knudsen has announced his new strategic vision for the company. This year, Mita-Teknik celebrates its 50th anniversary. Strategically, the company will focus on three main areas.
First, Mita-Teknik will continue to push its partnership approach. It will strive to secure seamless team integration with a view to ensuring smooth project flows and making partnerships as efficient as they can be. This approach goes both for established customers and partners within the wind segment, but also for the company’s new industry segment. Second, the company aims to strengthen its position as a one-stop-shop, capable of delivering solutions across the whole wind turbine lifecycle. The third driver of growth for Mita-Teknik is digitalisation. Knudsen points out that this is strategically crucial for the sector as a whole, as a digitalized wind industry will be more likely to deliver lower costs, optimized production, greater flexibility, and increased energy efficiency.
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