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lm windpower technology Center AmericasLM Wind Power, a unit of GE Renewable Energy, has announced the inauguration of the new Technology Center Americas facility to develop and test new techniques for designing and building wind turbine blades at its facility on the NASA Michoud campus outside of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. 
As part of the expansion of the facility the company plans to hire up to 100 additional employees on top the 50 currently employed at the facility by 2021. The company will partner with local universities and community colleges to develop training programs to ensure that there is a qualified pool of applicants to fill positions in various engineering disciplines and manufacturing skill sets. The Technology Center Americas facility was originally part of Blade Dynamics, which was acquired by GE in 2015 and combined with LM Wind Power earlier this year after LM Wind Power was acquired by GE Renewable Energy in 2017.
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