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ImageOn 3 October 2005 Paul Anthony was appointed new Chief Executive of LM Glasfiber with immediate effect. He is a very experienced international business executive who, during the past 20 years, has held several senior executive roles, including that of chief executive officer and executive chairman of a number of international energy companies. Paul Anthony will bring a wealth of knowledge about deregulated energy markets to LM Glasfiber, especially regarding renewable energy, as he recently successfully built Energy Power Resources into the largest renewable generator in the UK. He has a deep understanding of international business development and transformation, both of which are key to LM Glasfiber’s future. As Executive Vice President of the British Gas group from 2000 to 2002 he successfully headed the development of the BG group’s activities in the gas distribution sector in South America. Following his appointment, Paul Anthony will be looking to relocate to Denmark. Interim CEO Bob Mackenzie will remain closely involved with LM Glasfiber as it is intended that he will be elected to the Supervisory Board.
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