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GL Garrad Hassan is teaming up with the Desertec Industrial Initiative(DII) to provide support to all stages of solar and wind projects with a special focus on bringing costs down to a competitive level.

The DII calls for a vast array of wind farms, photovoltaic parks, and concentrating solar power projects to be built across North Africa capable of providing 15% of Europe's electricity requirements by 2050. Desertec Industrial Initiative is a consortium of German and other European companies to develop renewable energy projects in the Sahara Desert and generate power for Europe. DII was founded last summer by the non-profit Desertec Foundation to accelerate the implementation of the Desertec Concept in the Europe/Middle East/North Africa region. Currently, DII has 18 shareholders and 32 associated partners. GL Garrad Hassan’s engagement with the project will centre on participating in working groups and preparing reference projects and plans.
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