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Garrad Hassan currently forecast for approximately 30% of wind energy in Texas, USA. Texas is currently the highest ranking state in the United States for wind energy production, with a total installed capacity of 2,749MW.

One of the main contributors to the installed capacity in Texas is Babcock & Brown with their four Sweetwater Farms totalling 550MW. Garrad Hassan are now contracted to supply their forecasting service to all four of Babcock & Brown's Sweetwater wind farms. Garrad Hassan have been providing forecasts for the Sweetwater wind farms since 2005, where the GH Forecasts are used by the Sweetwater utility off-takers to efficiently schedule the energy they deliver to the grid.? For the recent addition of the Sweetwater IV wind farm, GH will be able to integrate the forecasting system with the GH SCADA system installed at the site, enhancing the forecast capabilities and providing ease of operation to the end user.
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