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Attorney Prof. Dr. Thomas B. Schmidt, the insolvency administrator of former wind turbine manufacturer Fuhrländer AG (FLAG) has obtained a judgment from Cologne regional court against Indian energy group Global Wind Power Limited (GWPL) that is worth € 50 million.

Finding in favour of the applicant, Cologne regional court ordered GWPL to pay these punitive damages following the infringement of a licensing agreement. The judgment is final and non-appealable. GWPL is a joint venture between the Reliance ADA Group and the China Ming Yang Wind Power Group and manufacturers wind turbines. To expand its area of expertise, GWPL has concluded technical licensing agreements with companies, including FLAG. Based in Germany, the insolvent FLAG manufactured wind turbines until the beginning of 2013. The impending enforcement measures may be targeted at more than just GWPL: in the interests of the creditors, the insolvency administrator is also examining the possibility of holding its European subsidiaries liable.

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