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Enercon has inaugurated two new production facilities in Magdeburg; Magdeburger Komponentenfertigung GmbH (MKF) and Magdeburger Generatorenfertigung GmbH (MGF).

With a production floor size of 12,989 m², MKF GmbH manufactures rotor blade blanks for the Enercon E-126, E-101 and E-82 WEC series. These blanks are then transported by rail to Enercon’s Magdeburg-Rothensee site for further processing including finishing. MKF’s planned volume for 2015 is about 280 blanks. The current headcount in production is 227. Another 16 persons are employed in administration. MGF GmbH, which is located on the same site, manufactures generators for Enercon’s E-101 and E-115 WEC series. Once full-scale production is underway, the plant will employ up to 100 persons.

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