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E.ON concluded the first half of the year with solid operating results in its core business. Adjusted EBIT in the core business (Energy Networks, Customer Solutions, and Renewables) of just under € 1.7 billion was € 200 million, or 15 per cent, above the prior-year figure (€ 1.5 billion).

Adjusted Group EBIT, which includes the Non-Core Business segment and discontinued operations, declined by 6 per cent to € 2 billion. Adjusted net income declined by € 232 million, or 28 per cent, to € 604 million. E.ON affirms its forecast for full-year 2016. Renewables’ adjusted EBIT rose by € 53 million to € 254 million. Although Onshore Wind/Solar’s adjusted EBIT decreased primarily owing to negative price effect and positive one-offs in the prior year. Offshore Wind/Other’s adjusted EBIT rose by € 150 million, mainly because Amrumbank West and Humber Gateway wind farms were fully operational for the entire period in the current year. The company expects Group adjusted EBIT of € 2.7 to € 3.1 billion and adjusted net income of € 0.6 to € 1 billion.

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