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Innovation, the new heavy lift jack up vessel inaugurated in Bremerhaven, will be used for the upcoming installation of Areva M5000 turbines.

The vessel was built by HGO InfraSea Solutions, a joint company of Hochtief Solutions and GeoSea (a company of the Belgian group DEME). Areva Wind was involved in the design process since 2010. The 147 meter long self-elevating vessel is pre-fitted for up to 180 persons and can reach a speed of 22 kilometers per hour (12 knots). It can operate in water depths of up to 65 meters and has cargo capacity up to 8000 tonnes. The on board crane can lift weights up to 1500 tonnes. The vessel will be first used for the transportation of 80 Areva M5000 wind turbines for the upcoming project Global Tech 1 wind farm.
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