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American Fiber Green Products, Inc. (AFBG) has announced that the company has tapped into the wind energy industry and opened the first of many fiberglass recycling collection points around the continental USA for the purpose of using its proprietary patented process to recycle fiberglass.

The first collection site was opened in Roscoe, Texas in the fourth quarter of 2011 specifically to handle the fiberglass blades of the wind energy industry damaged and removed from service by manufacturers, owners and operators of wind farms. The industry generates thousands of tons of fiberglass waste either through the manufacturing process or decommissioned wind blades in the field. Until AFBG began operation in August of 2011, all waste went to landfills where it will stay for hundreds of years without degradation. Since that time, AFBG has been commissioned to move almost 200 tons of product into its recycling program.
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