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In Stock exchange announcement No. 27/2005 of 19 August 2005 and Stock exchange announcement No. 30/2005 of 16 September 2005, Vestas Wind Systems A/S informed that Enercon GmbH had taken out a writ against Vestas Wind Systems A/S and the Vestas Group’s German subsidiary Vestas Deutschland GmbH claiming the infringement of a patent concerning lightening protection of blades for wind turbines.

In continuation of the above, we can inform that Enercon GmbH is now claiming that the Vestas Group may be infringing additional patent rights. The claim concerns patents related to electricity grid codes, however, it may also concern other issues. If possible negotiations with the counterparty do no lead to a result; the case is expected to be brought before the courts. A judicial assessment of the patent question may be expected to take a long time. Meanwhile, there is no basis for providing further comments on the matter.
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