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ZX Feb 6 2021Deutsche WindGuard has introduced a solution to allow the standalone use of wind Lidar ZX 300 in complex terrain. The new “ZX Complex Flow Solver” (ZX CFS) identifies, quantifies and resolves the relative differences between Lidar and cup anemometer measurements witnessed in complex terrain. Uncertainties according to IEC 61400-12-1 Ed. 2 (2017) L.4.5 can be significantly reduced. This widens the usability of ZX 300 wind Lidar standalone deployments for wind resource assessments and energy yield assessments in complex terrain with no additional onsite met mast. ZX CFS even provides guidance on where to install your Lidar initially to achieve the lowest possible uncertainties.
In a recent industry webinar hosted by ZX Lidars, Deutsche WindGuard and ZephyScience, nearly 1000 registrants had the opportunity to experience the launch of ZX CFS.
Click here for the recording
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