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WindEurope’s Annual Event 2023 shows increasing demand for Lidar measurements, globally
After a busy week in Copenhagen the ZX Lidars team reflects on a great event where the energy and enthusiasm around Lidar acceptance continues to grow. We are delighted to see more Lidars enter the European market, including the ground-based, vertical profiler ZX 300 entering the Polish market with windhunter services, Switzerland with Interwind, and EOLOS expanding their fleet of ZX 300M Lidars in response to increasing demand for floating Lidar globally.
ZX 300 is the most validated ground-based wind Lidar in the world, its data is accepted by leading wind consultants for energy yield assessments & site prospecting and it's accuracy has been demonstrated at the tallest met masts available globally. Offshore, ZX 300M is the industry standard wind Lidar for reliable wind resource assessments, integrated into all commercial Floating Lidar Devices, and is deployed on more than 90% of all new offshore wind development projects globally.
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