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Rewitec August 2020v2
Wind turbine gearboxes and bearings fail. Our range of DuraGear™ lubricant additive treatments repair previous damage, reduce wear, friction and failures in oil and grease lubricated systems. Our technology enhances component performance and energy efficiency for long term protection: wear in tribological systems is reduced. Once added to the lubricant, our products, specifically developed for wind turbines, provide you with protection over many hours of operation.
DuraGear W100 is a gearbox oil additive concentrate specifically designed for wind turbines.
DuraGear W100 offers the following benefits:
  • Repairs damaged gear surfaces within the gearbox
    Increases smooth running and reduces wear
  • Extends the life of the lubricated component
  • Proven reduction in friction, increasing efficiency
  • Suitable for application in old and new wind turbines installations to extend service life
We have treated wind turbines around the world more than 3000 times with REWITEC technology.
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