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Next Season Coming Soon
You probably associate monsoon with tons of water pouring down on a South Asian country, but some authors apply this wet season name to many other regions from Africa to North America. Predicting monsoon’s arrival and strength is significant for people living there.
Whether it is monsoon, winter or any other event, you are probably concerned about next season’s weather, whatever latitude your wind farm is located. Will it be more or less windy than the average? Vortex’s newest service, SEASONAL, will help you to take control of your project. Besides their associated statistics, these probabilistic forecasts will be of great help when planning revenues or operations some quarters in advance.
Vortex SEASONAL provides you with estimates for wind speed anomaly over periods up to 12 months using Copernicus Climate Change Service seasonal forecast datasets and also with a Vortex SEASONAL ensemble adjusted to your site.
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