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Remote Lidar deployment with Power SupplyShort, medium and long-term wind Lidar rentals and Lidar fleet management services are now available from Scottish-based firm ZX Measurement Services.
With wind measurements being the cornerstone of any wind development project the provision of reliable, accurate and affordable wind and project data is key. ZX Measurement Services provides a combination of measurement campaign design (including both met masts and remote sensing), campaign optimisation, equipment mobilisation and installation, data reporting and delivery, and decommissioning. Ancillary equipment such as power supplies and communication systems are also provided. With storage facilities ideally placed near Glasgow, remote sensors can be stored and managed on your behalf between campaigns.
Rates for Lidar rental are extremely competitive with all Lidars provided being within 24 months from new and direct from the Lidar OEM. Being technology agnostic any remote sensing device can be managed by the company on your behalf.
If you are considering a wind measurement campaign and do not want to own measurement equipment then simply contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a quotation.
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