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Just announced - New WindCube enhancements
Lidar without limitsLeosphere, a Vaisala company, has unveiled powerful enhancements to the WindCube vertical profiler that increase data accuracy, operational continuity, and bankability.
Trustworthy, superior metrology
  • Increased range (300m) and more simultaneous measurement heights (20) enable even more accurate yield assessments and data-driven decisions.
  • A breakthrough hybrid wind reconstruction algorithm reduces uncertainty and enables unrivalled IEC classification. IEC classification by Deutsche WindGuard affirms best-in-class performance.
  • Lidar pre-validation and validation continuity options accelerate deployment and save time and money during maintenance.
Easy, reliable global solution
  • Unrivaled global services leverage 7 service centers and 2 factories worldwide.
  • Standard service now includes accelerated workshop repair in days, not weeks.
  • Premium service level guarantees 15-day on-site repair.
  • Online refresher courses keep users confident and informed.
Innovative lidars from a one-stop shop
  • New turnkey solutions, including a 4G modem and affordable power packs, make WindCube an even more flexible, all-in-one solution.
These advancements are driven by our passion, relentless curiosity, and desire to create a better world. Get in touch for a personal conversation about WindCube and your wind energy projects.
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