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Bankable standalone Lidar in complex terrain is here
Introducing ZX Complex Flow Resolver for ZX LidarsZephyScience and Deutsche WindGuard have developed and validated in close collaboration with ZX Lidars a fully CFD based approach to identify, quantify and resolve the Lidar-to-cup-anemometer measurement relationship in complex terrain through a proven and transparent methodology: ZX Complex Flow Resolver (CFR)
In this free-to-attend 1 hour webinar a panel of thinkers and practitioners will provide the first market overview of ZX CFR and this now proven, transparent and validated approach to identifying, quantifying and resolving the Lidar-to-cup-anemometer measurement relationships in complex terrain.
Deutsche WindGuard shall present ZX CFR results that are subject to known and acceptable uncertainties, allowing ZX Lidar systems to be deployed standalone in complex terrain and deliver wind speed and wind direction measurements that can be included within Energy Yield Assessments (EYAs) and Site Suitability Assessments (SA).
Join Live on Wednesday 16th December at 4pm GMT / 12pm ET / 9am Pacific Time
Click Here to register for this free-to-attend event.
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