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FREQCON Retrofit Solutions for Emergency Pitch Backup Systems
FREQCON was one of the first to introduce full power converters and ultracapacitor based pitch systems for wind turbines almost 30 years ago, we understand the importance of turbine uptime, minimizing operation cost and downtime due to turbine pitch failure. Therefore, FREQCON invented the Pitch Retrofit System to provide reliable pitching and improve technician safety by eliminating maintenance in the turbine due to battery faults of the Emergency Power Unit.
FREQCON sells all retrofit modules direct that previously sold through Maxwell Technologies, Inc., furthermore FREQCON announces introduction of the 30 Nm GE Pitch Retrofit System for GE Wind Turbines in addition to the existing Pitch Backup System (PBS) for GE 20 Nm.
With Maxwell Technologies, Inc. discontinuing the sales and support of the FREQCON wind retrofit product line, FREQCON continues to manufacture, sell and support all Pitch Retrofit Systems.
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