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An industry of innovators: 2022 edition – Three creative applications for WindCube® lidarWind energy organizations are embracing lidar solutions more than ever, and brilliant minds are discovering powerful new ways to use the technology that propel wind energy into the future.
Whether assessing the blockage effect in offshore wind farms or leveraging inertial measurements and nacelle lidar data for accurate wind speed measurements on a floating wind farm, new and emerging use cases illustrate how important lidar is to the industry — now and in the future.

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  • Placing a pin on complex terrain: Terrain Complexity Estimation Tool with Vaisala
  • Changing positions, proven measurement: Time-domain turbulent 4-D wind field generation for floating turbines with IFP Energies nouvelles and Equinor
  • A moving target used as a hard target: Carbon Trust OWA GloBE project with DTU Wind Energy and RWE Renewables
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