Published: 26 February 2016 26 February 2016

Ballast Nedam has sold its current portfolio of 4 offshore wind inspection and maintenance contracts to Deutsche Windtechnik BV. The transaction also includes two staff members involved and is effective from January 1, 2016.

It allows further growth for the team and the business, in an environment which is exclusively oriented at the wind industry. The sale involves 5-year inspection and maintenance contracts for the following projects:

This transfer of offshore energy maintenance contracts is in line with Ballast Nedam’s strategy to focus its activities on the working areas of housing and mobility, following the sale of its offshore activities at the end of 2014. Deutsche Windtechnik BV is the Dutch subsidiary of Deutsche Windtechnik, an independent service provider for the wind industry from Germany. Almost 800 employees take care of almost 3000 wind turbines in across Europe.

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