Published: 13 April 2012 13 April 2012
Gamesa has announced the launch of a new wind turbine: the G114-2.0 MW Class IIIA, designed to achieve maximum returns from low-wind sites.

The G114 turbine, with unit capacity of 2.0MW, features a  114-metre diameter rotor with a swept area of 10,207 m² that increases a 38-per cent in swept area plus a 20-percent increase in annual energy output compared with the G97-2.0MW turbine. The new blade, spanning 55.5 metres with aerodynamic features also enables maximum energy production with reduced noise output levels. The machine offers a range of tower height options (from 93m to 140m or higher, depending on the target location).Gamesa will begin manufacturing initial prototypes of the G114-2.0 MW in the third quarter of 2013, with the first turbines supply to begin at the end of the same year. From 2014, the company will start manufacturing market-ready series in all of the regions in which it has a manufacturing presence.
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