Published: 25 March 2021 25 March 2021
Crown Estate Scotland has announced the outcome of its review of the option structure for ScotWind Leasing, the leasing round for offshore wind farms in Scottish waters. The review was announced last month (February) in response to the new market dynamics of the offshore wind sector following the result of The Crown Estate’s recent auction for sites in waters around England and Wales.
Crown Estate Scotland’s updated option structure has now been finalised. The key outcomes are:
Option fees are paid by successful applicants to Crown Estate Scotland in exchange for securing the rights to areas of seabed that have been identified as suitable for development in Marine Scotland’s Sectoral Marine Plan. A total of 8,600km2 of Scottish seabed is potentially available for development. Funds will be returned to the Scottish Government for public spending to drive the green recovery and help deliver Government priorities.
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