Published: 14 January 2020 14 January 2020
The 2 MW Floatgen floating wind turbine, equipped with Ideol’s floating foundation and installed on the Sem-Rev test site (Atlantic Coast of France), exceeded production and availability expectations in the second half of 2019.
During the second half of 2019, the floating wind turbine has more than doubled its power production in comparison with the first semester, to reach an annual total of 6 GWh. This number was achieved because of a time availability exceeding 94.6% in the second semester. The wind turbine faced maximum wave heights of up to 12.5 meters (= significant waves of up to 6.5 meters) and remained fully operational throughout these first winter months, producing power up to 5.5 meters of significant wave height and up to 24.2 m/s of wind speed.
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