Published: 14 August 2019 14 August 2019
Nordex has commissioned TÜV SÜD to carry out type certification of their latest wind turbines N149/5.X and N163/5.X. The turbines are designed for land-constrained markets in Europe as well as other global markets, such as the USA and Australia.
The wind turbines N149/5.X and N163/5.X are designed specifically for regions with low to medium wind speeds. They have a variable output in the 5MW range and rotor diameters of 149 to 163 metres and with hub heights between 105 and 164 metres. Both turbines are based on the concept of the N149/4.0-4.5 wind turbine. Nordex commissioned TÜV SÜD to perform not only type certification, but also type approval of its turbines according to the 2012 DIBt guideline based on German construction law. Completion of certification, followed by serial production, is scheduled for 2021.
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