Published: 07 February 2017 07 February 2017

The Nordex Group installed 267 units in its domestic market in 2016 compared to 176 in 2015. Nordex’s market share in Germany increased to around 15% (2015: 12%). As the capacity of these turbines also rose, installed capacity climbed by 58% over the previous year to 691MW (2015: 437MW).

Average capacity per wind power system increased to around 2.6MW (2015: 2.5MW). More than 40% of its turbines were installed in the four southern German states of Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland which are light-wind regions (IEC3). At the same time, the share of the more recent 3MW platform doubled to over 25% (2015: 12%). Last year, Nordex’s order intake in Germany rose by around 28% to € 1.17 billion.

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