Published: 04 June 2008 04 June 2008
NRG Systems, Inc announces a new, longer and more rigid sensor mounting boom.
According to NRG Systems, the company carefully considered IEC recommendations to help define boom length criteria and maintain rigidity. The new mounting boom is 95 inches long and uses a dual-beam design that assures stability in high winds while minimizing wake effects caused by tower shadowing. It meets or exceeds IEC 61400-12-1 recommendations for tower and boom offset distances. The new mounting boom provides a mast offset of 100 inches (10 diameters) for 10" diameter tubular towers and 99 inches (12.38 diameters) for 8.0" diameter tubular towers. The boom offset provides 20 diameters above the boom, exceeding the IEC recommendation of 15 diameters. The galvanized steel mounting bracket uses three heavy duty hose clamps, assuring secure mounting to tower. The product is available in volume and can be ordered with NRG Systems complete NOW measurement system packages.
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