Published: 19 May 2010 19 May 2010
Nordex USA, Inc. introduces the third generation of its 2.5MW turbine series, the Gamma generation. Nordex USA will manufacture the Gamma generation turbines at its new manufacturing facility in Jonesboro, Arkansas.
The first American project using the new generation will be Shirley Wind in Glenmore, Wisconsin. The N80/2500, N90/2500 and N100/2500 turbines are based on a common technical platform. A consistent modular design allows Nordex to add type-specific components and customer options. The modular concept and the maximum component weight of 50 tons make it possible to transport turbines anywhere in the world, as well as speed up both installation and service of the machines. Nordex has redesigned the nacelle, hub and rotor blades in the new generation to be both lighter and more robust. Nordex has also redesigned the rotor shaft and integrated the slip ring in the interest of extending the service life. The slip ring is protected from weather and mechanical influences, and is also heated to stop condensation from forming. Nordex has further developed its proprietary control system in the yaw system. The loads are evenly distributed over three to four yaw drives, and the nacelle can track the wind dependably even at turbulent sites. An improved system for temperature control ensures maximum yield in both permafrost and desert climates.
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