Published: 25 May 2021 25 May 2021
Hecate Independent Power (HIP) has announced the launch of its HIP Atlantic Project for installing 10,000MW of fixed and floating wind turbines in the North Atlantic connected to the United Kingdom by long-length, high-capacity, high-voltage direct current (HVDC) submarine power transmission cables. 
These cables are to be manufactured in the United Kingdom at a £200 million bespoke power cable plant to be built at a port in the northeast of England.  The total project cost is estimated at GBP £21 billion (US $30 billion).
HIP has lodged four connection applications with National Grid Company for an initial 4,000 MW of grid connections to the United Kingdom's 400 kV electricity transmission system across four connection sites.  Each wind farm will be in a different North Atlantic location, and each pod consisting of 1,000 MW of wind turbines will have its own dedicated cable linked to the United Kingdom.  HIP Atlantic's initial 2,000 MW of generation capacity, targeted to be off the southern and  eastern coasts of Iceland, is expected to be commissioned in early 2025. The HIP Atlantic HVDC transmission cables will never connect to the Icelandic transmission system: the high availability wind capacity will be solely connected to the United Kingdom, dispatched by National Grid. HIP is an Anglo-American joint venture.  HIP is comprised of Hecate Wind (Hecate) and Independent Power Corporation PLC, a UK developer of conventional power plants internationally.
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