Published: 06 May 2020 06 May 2020
NKT awarded contract for part of German high voltage DC corridor projectNKT has been awarded a turnkey contract by the German transmission system operator 50Hertz. The contract comprises supply and installation of 525 kV XLPE high-voltage DC (direct current) onshore cable solution for a portion of the SuedOstLink transmission line in route lengths of approximately 275 km.
SuedOstLink will be the world’s first large commercial 525 kV XLPE high-voltage DC 2GW transmission line and forms part of the so-called German corridor projects aiming to significantly increase renewable energy supply in the country
The 525 kV XLPE high-voltage DC cable solution to be delivered by NKT for SuedOstLink comprises three lots of a total of five, which constitutes the full cable part of the project. The NKT contract value of approximately € 500 million in market prices, corresponds to approximately € 400 million in standard metal prices. NKT expects to start production of the high-voltage DC power cables and accessories end-2021 with installation in mid-2022 and with final completion in 2025. SuedOstLink is the first of three long-distance power transmission lines in Germany to transport renewable energy from the Northern parts of the country to the South. The SuedOstLink 2 GW transmission line will link the federal states of Saxony-Anhalt and Bavaria.
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