Published: 09 March 2011 09 March 2011
ZF Services expands its wind energy service business continuously. From now on, the Spanish company Ingeteam Service relies on the cooperation with ZF Services España for wind energy gear repairs. ZF Services España is now in charge of gear repairs for Ingeteam Service.

The full-service provider for maintenance operates 64 wind energy parks, 14 per cent of all wind energy turbines in Spain. As a new service partner, ZF Services is responsible for the repair of wind energy gearboxes. Based on a video-endoscopic damage analysis which is done directly on the turbine, the defective gear is sent to the Service center in Spain where it is repaired by ZF Services gear experts to ensure original equipment quality. ZF Services is currently setting up another Service center in Beijing, China. Starting 2012, first wind energy gearboxes shall be repaired there, and maintenance shall be ensured all over China. Discussions with Chinese system operators have already taken place.
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