Published: 29 April 2005 29 April 2005
New installed global wind power capacity should rise by 16.6% on average per year in the next four years, with Europe leading world demand, according to an industry report. In 2005, growth is expected to be around 26%. The report, by BTM Consult (Denmark), showed that total wind power capacity grew 20% to almost 48,000MW last year although growth in 2004 was lower than in 2003. It is the first time since 1996 that stagnation in new installation has been observed, a temporary event mainly caused by the drop in the US market. Last year, 8,154MW of new capacity was added, a decrease in annual installation of 2.3% compared with the record year 2003. The industry has shown an average growth of 15.8% over the past five years.
The report also said that the top ten manufacturers supplied almost 96.1% of new wind energy capacity last year. Denmark’s Vestas maintained its leading position and increased its market share to 34.1%. Spain’s Gamesa Eolica advanced to second place with 18.1% of new installations, ahead of Germany’s Enercon with 15.8%, US company GE Wind with 11.3% and Germany’s Siemens at 6.2%. Europe accounted for 73% of all new installations in 2004. BTM said Europe would maintain its leading role until 2009 and account for 58% of cumulative demand.
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