Published: 02 September 2008 02 September 2008
quietrevolution is receiving a capital injection to the value of GBP 7 million. RWE Innogy GmbH based in Essen, Germany and part of the RWE Group has invested GBP 6 million and GBP 1 million has come from private investors.
The 6kW qr5 triple-helix-shaped wind turbines are five metres high and just over three metres wide. The turbines are vertical in orientation and generate electric power by turning around their own axis. They are especially suited for local energy production in built-up areas and can be installed either on buildings or as a standalone turbine. Around 30 qr5 turbines to date have been produced and installed at clients' sites around the UK, and a further 45 have been sold and are at the manufacturing and installation stages.
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