Published: 03 December 2020 03 December 2020
hywind test 2005Equinor and SINTEF have agreed on a strategic collaboration in four key areas. The areas are offshore wind, marine systems, energy systems and modelling studies related to these areas.
One of the areas of collaboration is already well underway: offshore wind – particularly floating wind. The offshore wind collaboration between Equinor and SINTEF dates back to the first test of the Hywind technology in SINTEF's Ocean Basin Laboratory, in 2005. Among other things, the two partners will look at anchoring systems for the turbines, maintenance, control systems and grid connection. In addition to improving the Hywind concept, the two partners will also examine other concepts for floating wind.
In addition to offshore wind, the other collaboration areas are:
The duration of the agreement is four years, and it can be prolonged for another four years.
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