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For wind turbine blades, generally two main root connection types exist to connect the rotor blade to the hub of the turbine: the T-bolt connection or bushing technology. Where for small size rotor blades both connection types are frequently used, for the large multi-megawatt turbines the bushing connection technology is becoming very interesting because of the potential to have longer blades with smaller roots. In the article on page 7 the bushing connection is discussed.

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Blade Root Bushing Technology
By Edo Kuipers, We4Ce, the Netherlands

Bio-Inspired Noise Reduction
By W. Nathan Alexander, Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech, USA

Aerodynamic Imbalance Detection Using SCADA Data
By Nicolas Quiévy, Julien Masson, Fiona Buckley, Olivier Van Oost, Stephane Bronckers, Belgium

Bending Wind Turbine Blades Circular
By Nina Vielen-Kallio, New Business Manager, Virol, the Netherlands

Windtech Future

The Race for Bigger Turbines Continues
By Feng Zhao, Strategy Director at Global Wind Energy Council

View from Inside

Kick-Starting Offshore Wind in India
By Sidharth Jain, MEC Intelligence, India


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