Published: 01 November 2019 01 November 2019
Mayflower Wind Energy (Mayflower Wind), a joint venture of Shell New Energies (Shell) and EDPR Offshore North America (EDPR), has been chosen by Massachusetts to supply 804MW of clean, renewable energy from offshore wind to the electricity customers within the state.
Mayflower Wind anticipates the project, located more than 20 miles south of Nantucket with expected start-up in 2025 will provide the following economic benefits:
  • Long term prices below the original price cap of $84.23/MWh
  • $3.7 billion in electricity rate reduction over the term of the contract
  • Creation of up to 10,000 jobs in Massachusetts including both offshore jobs and onshore opportunities
  • Elimination of 1.7 million metric tons CO2 emissions annually from clean energy produced once in operation, the equivalent of taking 350 thousand cars off the road
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