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The growth of the wind market, together with the low availability of sites with optimal wind conditions, is creating a rapid increase in the size of turbines and therefore the diameter of some rotors that work at specific low power levels. This leads to the need for longer blades whose transport is, more and more frequently, a major logistical challenge that manufacturers must face.

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Wind power capacity worldwide reaches 539GW


Offshore Wind Subsea Digitalisation
By Patrick Merz Paranhos and Jakob Schwendner, Kraken Robotik, Germany

Application of Lidar Technology
By Andres Guggeri and Vasilii Netesov, Ventus Energía, Uruguay

Innovative Inspection of Offshore Foundations
By Dr Colin Brett, Head of Inspection, Uniper Technologies, UK

Modular Blades Market
By Javier Iriarte, Senior Engineer at Nabrawind Technologies, Spain

Windtech Future

Enercon Acquisition of Lagerwey Enables Competitive Product Evolution with PMG Technology
By Philip Totaro, CEO of IntelStor, USA


Winterwind 2018
By Jos Beurskens, SET Analysis, the Netherlands



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