Published: 04 November 2015 04 November 2015

Construction work on the Zuidwester wind farm is in full swing on the dyke along the shore of the IJsselmeer in the Netherlands. The first of twelve wind turbines has been successfully put into operation.

Fifty turbines installed during the late 1980s and early 1990s are being replaced by large new turbines. Each of the new Zuidwester turbines can generate as much electricity as all 50 turbines of the old wind farm combined. The new Enercon onshore wind turbines have a hub height of 135 metres and a capacity of 7.5MW each. The total investment is over € 150 million. RWE’s Zuidwester wind farm is part of the Dutch Noordoostpolder wind power project, in which several partners are involved. The Noordoostpolder wind power site will have an installed capacity of 429MW. A total of 86 wind turbines will be installed, both in the IJsselmeer and onshore along the dyke.

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